04/10/14 J.Staal rocking some wild hair and being sad during the post game interview.

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eric staal + hands

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eric staal comments on tyler seguin’s shot (x)

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Mark Staal and his wife Lindsay's baby girl


Submission of the Staal baby

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Yoga time!

Jordan Staal is not happy with Kyle Turris holding him back, Hurricanes at Senators, 3/31/14.

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Eric Staal holds a Shamwow. Buy 1 get 1 free.

03132014 Eric Staal’s little half-smile when talking about his brother’s line after telling the reporters it’s okay to call Jordy’s line the first line instead of second. 

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Jared Staal/3D

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bby!jordan in 2009 after taking a puck to the face

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The amazingly talented and handsome Jordan Staal, ladies and gentleman.  

(None of these pictures are mine, but I just wanted to do the world a favor and bring them back)

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