when you and your brothers all kinda look the same but different


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excuse me, who hurt Jordan Staal


Jordan Staal accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Happy birthday to my favourite Staal

alternate universe in which the staals are actually an army of clones plotting to take over the nhl (or maybe even the world)


Jared and Natalie Staal, Henry and Linda Staal, Marc and Lindsey Staal, Jordan and Heather Staal, Eric and Tanya Staal


Congrats to the very beautiful Natalie & Jared Staal on their wedding night. It was a beautiful day!


All the Staals were safe from trades at Jared’s wedding so thats good

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The evolution of Marc Staal’s beard during the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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#tbt: eric staal lifts the stanley cup after the carolina hurricanes defeat the edmonton oilers in game 7 on june 19, 2006. 

this was the first major league championship for the state of north carolina by a men’s team. as of 2014, it is the only championship by a current north carolina team in any of the 4 major league sports.

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Marc Staal trying to understand why Derek Dorsett doesn’t listen to music 

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